Employment Services

Hands down, their Employment Services is the tops on this island.  There is a vote of confidence among us that the Employment Services is on the right track, with the right feel, and with the right results.” –  Department of Health, Developmental Disabilities Division Case Management Office

Full Life helps our clients find and maintain work that’s both productive and meaningful to them as individuals and to the larger community.

Huahana o Hilo
Full Life’s Huahana o Hilo training program prepares individuals for 21st century jobs by empowering them to make products that people need.  Huahana o Hilo does this by providing access to hand tools, conventional machines, computer numerically controlled machines (CNC), and computer aided design (CAD), supported by trained Direct Support Workers and mentors.

Koa wood products from Huahana O Hilo students.

Koa wood products from Huahana O Hilo students.

Skills are individualized for each participant based on his or her current skills and interests.   In Huahana o Hilo, skills are taught concurrently with classroom instruction on computers and production of products, based on individual assessments and interest surveys.  Participants in Huahana o Hilo experience hands-on learning concurrently with individualized instruction based on formal assessments and informal observation.  Huahana o Hilo is supervised by Crytal Medlin and implemented by teachers specifically trained on cutting edge computer controlled machines.

See the story published in the Hawaii Tribune Herald, here.

Hauhona o Hilo Brochure


Full Life is authorized by the state of Hawai‘i to provide pre-vocational activities and individual employment supports services.

Pre-vocational Activities include:

  • client skills assessment
  • job, internship, volunteer and work trials exploration
  • career and business planning
  • benefits counseling

Individual Employment Supports include:

  • job development and coaching
  • obtaining and retaining employment in an integrated setting
  • negotiating compensation at or above the State’s minimum wage
  • self-employment assessment and counseling

Full Life clients who wish to participate in these programs must qualify for Waiver Services. Click on the Eligibility Link for more information, or contact Full Life’s Employment Services Program Coordinator Crystal Medlin.