Employment Services

Hands down, their Employment Services is the tops on this island.  There is a vote of confidence among us that the Employment Services is on the right track, with the right feel, and with the right results.” –  Department of Health, Developmental Disabilities Division Case Management Office

Full Life helps our clients find and maintain work that’s both productive and meaningful to them as individuals and to the larger community.

  • Career Discovery – discover career paths that fit your unique strengths and preferences.
    • This may include volunteering at a non-profit, job shadowing, informational interviewing, and work trials.
  • Career Planning – our team will help you plan for a meaningful career. This may include Benefits Counseling to help participants and families navigate impacts of income on benefits.
  • Job Development – Full Life job developers can support you to find a competitive integrated job in your community
  • Job Coaching – Trained job coaches can support you on the job to help you learn your job, maintain your job, and develop natural supports at your worksite.
  • Customized Employment – Full Life can work with you and potential employers to customize a job so that it is a great fit for participants and employers
  • Self-Employment – Full Life specializes in supporting participants who are interested in self-employment in the arts. Sometimes this leads to meaningful careers and other times it leads to a meaningful hobby interacting with other community members.


Full Life is authorized by the state of Hawai‘i to provide Discovery and Career Planning, Individualized Employment Services (Job Development and Job Coaching),  and Benefits Counselling.