Artists and Entrepreneurs

Full Life celebrates and promotes diverse and inclusive work environments by promoting unique customized and competitive employment opportunities for our participants.

Self-employment in the Arts:  Full Life, in collaboration with Abled Hawai’i Artists (AHA), provides prevocational and individual support services enabling artists with disabilities to explore self-employment in the arts.  Through AHA, our participants have an opportunity to share and sell their artwork in a variety of local community events, and world-wide through the AHA8O8 online store!

Join us as we support our artists explore self-employment in the arts at the upcoming virtual Abled Hawai’i Artists 14th Annual Art Festival, on Saturday, July 17, 2021 10am-3pm!

Self-employment and customized employment in Technology:  In collaboration with    Dr. Scott and The Makery, Full Life established Huahana O Hilo (Products of Hilo).  We provide prevocational and individual support services that enable individuals with disabilities the opportunity to explore self-employment  or customized employment in the design and manufacturing of unique products made on Hawai’i Island.

Farming and specialty crop niche:  Teaching persons with developmental and intellectual disabilities the skills to grow their own food empowers them toward self-sustainability.  Acquired skills are necessary for employment in the ever evolving and growing organic micro-farming industry on Hawai’i Island.  Growing and selling produce at local farmers market, and providing specialty crop needs to fine restaurants, are examples of the many prevocational skills that persons with DD/ID can master.  This creates opportunities in self-employment as small farmers with specialty crops.

CONTACT:  Crystal Medlin, Employment Services Program Coordinator (808) 557-1080