2013 Ho’ohanohano Awards

These Direct Support Workers were nominated by families and supervisors for their outstanding support of individuals with developmental disabilities.  Congratulations to:

JUDY VOLQUARDSEN – “We think that our son has blossomed at this point in his life. He now “shines” with his accomplishments, thanks to Judy! “

HILARIE ENRIQUES –  “She is self-motivated, proactive and action oriented. She took on all the life goals of the individual she supports and in a short period of time, surpassed everyone’s expectations.”

“KAT” BELLECI- “From the moment she began work with our son, she has been such a valuable person in his life. With her keen sense of perception and sensitivity to his disability, he has developed the independence and confidence that no one yet has been able to instill in him.”

 GABRIELA WEISSHAAR-BREWER – “Gabriela treats the individual she supports with respect and as if she’s a valued friend, rather than someone she’s working with as a job. “

ERIC WATAN – “It is my personal feeling that he is one of the best, most honest, diligent, and thoughtful caregivers/friends my brother has ever had.”

WILL HULYK – “He always respects the individual he supports and allows for self-determination and independence consistently.  This is seen in little and small ways, but it is always because he honors the individual’s non-verbal communications.”

 Earning recognition as Great Team Players:

Wadia Ben Slimane and Adam Barnhill

Full Life Volunteer of the Year – Ruth Nakasone

 Full Life Employer of the Year- The Garden Exchange