Full Life Sponsors AHA Arts Halloween Themed Flashmob & Trick or Treating!

Halloween Themed Flashmob Tutorial
Hawai‘i County celebrates a renaissance of inclusion in the arts on Saturday, October 29th 2022, with Abled Hawai‘i Artists (AHA) 15th annual art festival, held at the Puna Kai Shopping Center in Pahoa, 10am to 3pm! #renaissanceofinclusion
An “event within the event”, join us and celebrate creativity and dance through a Halloween themed FLASHMOB, while trick or treaters of all ages can visit our 13 community organizations that will be passing out treats!
Join the renaissance of inclusion on Hawai’i Island!
Contact: ahaarts808@gmail.com 


Full Life Hawai’i – Empowering people with disabilities live self-determined happy lives.

Self Advocates Advisory Council– SAAC is an advocacy group that represents people with developmental disabilities. We support leadership, independence, and choice.

Kipaipai Art Foundation and School – to encourage and inspire creativity by providing inclusive art education, support and networking opportunities that cultivate community.

Generation 808 – Supporting Hawai’i Island Churches and 501(c) Nonprofits to creative fiscal resiliency. 

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