Full Life Awarded ‘Eleu Grant- Participants Emergency Preparedness Kit

Through a generous grant from Hawai’i Island United Way (HIUW), Full Life was able to purchase emergency kits consisting of some or all of the following items (depending on need) for 47 people with developmental disabilities. Kits included Water Jugs, 14 day supply of non-perishable food, can opener, first aid kit, radio, flashlight, batteries, soap, toilet paper, masks, sunscreen, whistle, and other toiletries. This is significant because most of these beneficiaries cannot afford these extra supplies for emergencies. We are also assured they will have what is needed in case of an emergency.

A smaller portion of the funds were spent on 2 months of HIPAA compliant video (Zoom) and messaging software (Notifyd). This allowed Full Life Program Coordinators to check on several people with developmental disabilities remotely in order to limit face to face contact during the COVID Pandemic. Furthermore, Full Life used our zoom licenses to offer virtual activities so that people with developmental disabilities could stay connected with each other during the time when they were limiting their access to the community and not participating in group activities. Classes included weekly fitness classes, weekly art classes, weekly movie socials, and weekly music classes.

Full Life’s partnership with HIUW has greatly benefited the people Full Life Serves. The partnership ensured that the people who need emergency kits the most for future emergencies will have them in a safe location. Every person Full Life serves now has an emergency kit as recommended by the Hawaii State Department of Health. We are also able to keep connected with participants and their families during the pandemic.

When Full Life contacted all of our participants for the Emergency Preparedness Kits, the reaction from the family members and caregivers was amazing!  They really thanked us for thinking about their loved ones’ needs.  We know Hurricane season and the COVID-19 pandemic is upon us, so we wanted to make sure that all our participants were prepared in case of an emergency. Another heartwarming story, is all of our Virtual Classes are social time for our participants.  It’s so wonderful to watch their gleeful eyes as they see their friends on the tv or computer screen.  They laugh, smile, converse and say how much they miss each other.  Thank you HIUW for helping us with these virtual classes and meetings through Telehealth Video.

Mahalo nui loa to Hawai’i Island United Way, and to our Full Life staff who gathered, fill emergency kits and delivered them! Full life participants are ready for an emergency…are you?


#fullifehi #hiuw #renaissanceofinclusion




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