Words of Wisdom from our Everyday Heroes

Joy, Vince and Gabriela

“It is the most rewarding work I have ever done, I can’t imagine myself doing anything else.” – Joy

“I have to find my way to their hearts. How do you do that? With respect”. – Gabriela

I feel really lucky to have found something that fulfills me” – Vince

Conversations with Full Life Direct Support workers are heartwarming and inspiring. It is work driven by love and the same kind of passion demonstrated by the founding family.

Joy McCroskey is new to Full Life and has already demonstrated a remarkable level of commitment and passion. Joy shared that the most rewarding aspect of her work is “watching the people I support grow and see how they are able to live more full and fulfilled lives as a result of the relationship. I love that Full Life is called what it is, because that is the point of what we do. To be honest, the individuals I support have helped me as much as I have helped them. I just found that the way I have been able to develop my skill set over the years, such as being a patient person or a caring person are not developed until they are tested. The more I am challenged the more I grow. I am able to help them, only when they challenge and inspire me.” Joy also shared that she likes working for Full Life because the mission is “so much about the participants and not about money and power. Everything we learned in orientation is so spot on about always putting the individual first and treating each person we support with respect and dignity.”

Vince Zamora has been a Direct Support Worker for over five years. “It turns out that I am really good at being a Direct Support Worker and I really like it, he says. I spend time hanging out with one of my friends, doing what he wants and needs to do. I feel really blessed to have Daylan in my life.” This work is very rewarding, Vince added. We are bringing attention to a community that didn’t get attention in the past. Now, services are community-based. I am so happy that things for folks with developmental disabilities are progressing. Full Life is proud to have Vince as part of the ’ohana and the feeling is mutual. Full Life is really person-centered, Vince stated. “It is about what each individuals strengths and abilities are and helping each person reach their dreams, which is really exciting. I mean how often do you get to do that?”

The skills and talents that Gabriela brings to her work are based on treating the people she supports like family. To Gabriela that means that she is fully engaged with them.   That kind of engagement builds trust, she says, and with trust, the growth and learning begin to happen. Gabriela says that “love opens all doors. I have to find my way to their heart. I try to be patient because I can see their struggles and challenges.”   “The work is not about me, she adds. I stand back a little and observe before I react. I try many various approaches.”

Mahalo to Vince, Joy, Gabriela and all of Full Life’s Direct Support Workers in our island communities creating small miracles every day! ~~