It is through our  vision statement that we define our ultimate motivation, our dreams, and our image of a desired future.  A vision statement should be a collaboration effort of the individuals we support, our families, our employees, our board, and our stakeholders.  We invite you to participate in this process.

Vision statements can describe the ideal world or the ideal organization.

Below are some sample Full Life vision statements.  Please join this blog and comment on what you like or don’t like, what words or phrases you believe should be incorporated in the final statement, or create your own statement.

1. Full Life is working toward the vision of a world in which all people are recognized and accepted for their unique strengths and abilities.

2. Full Life is driven by a passionate belief that everyone is entitled to plan their own lives and achieve their dreams.  

3. We envision and work towards an island community where every individual with a developmental disability has the service and supports necessary to realize his or her life goals in the community.

4. People with developmental disabilities are included in their communities and in the social fabric of our island. People with developmental disabilities on Hawai’i Island have the services and supports to

  • Be seen as people first  
  • Achieve their full potential.  

Full Life has a mission statement: Full Life assists in the empowerment of individuals with developmental disabilities enabling them to achieve and enjoy a self-determined quality of life.  We have never had a VISION STATEMENT.  A vision statement is the full life ‘ohana’s “big dream” of our organization.  It tells everyone what the island or the world  will be like when Full Life is 100% successful.